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Solid Surface Exchange projects - Counter Fabrication Gallery

Cataldo landscape construction of Littleton using two non matching pieces to create one. the seam is where that round thing is. That color hides seams good

Save these stickers and salvage packaging piece into laminate counter

Use this for leverage

Increase your cash flow

Everything is something

Create new demand with less

Glacier white trimmed bay window, going over old dark panel wood and old tile base.

Pieces picked and held in exchange until enough scrap to do job. Generated hard seam install labor utilizing material otherwise slated for trash

Save all foam and collect waste foam from job sites. Thats used for Avonite shipping items thru UPS

Avonite Wild Orchid cool purplish color no longer made

Got these from Akamai Cambridge Center Cambridge Ma, cubical co used to package the cubicles for shipping.

Hey cubicle guys i will take all these and pick up at your location

Easy on and off foam edge protectors for shipping certain laminate jobs

Utilize cardboard and get second use before discarded

Small RV add on top in Virginia

salvaged shipping packaging from lowell housing authority project

Salvaged piece ready for lamination and new sales tax instead off landfill

Front tub panel in NJ from Dupont Corian Glacier White extra piece

Scrap piece of Dupont Corian Glacier white to protect sink base from water damage. works great!

CT Lawyer before Exchange visit

CT Lawyer after Exchange visit

Using Avonite shipping material of plywood and stickers to make a box to ship 40x28 island in corian lava rock to staten island NY

Lava Rock Corian going to staten island, UPS broke and then lost the original Deep Storm one.

I wanted something non-conductive that was stiff and durable, and fairly easy to customize. It was perfect, used it to replace the wood panel which covers the fuse and relay panel in a classic Porsche 928

Here are a couple pics. One shows the Corian panel installed and the other shows the electrical panel it's covering. Thanks again and let me know once you're setup to receive payments so I can send you the $50. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pete Dolfis

Replaced top that my kid sat on and wrecked because it was bamboo

Instead of throwing away in land fill i liked the laundry basket still so it was salvaged with this material

Craftman of this project is Charles Carbone from New York